Who We Are

Brief Introduction

Shaktishi is a mission driven global consulting and advisory firm that provides thought leadership and customized solutions for bringing about lasting and need based social change. It is a one- stop shop solutions providers for foundations, businesses, nonprofits, academia, advisory & consulting firms and governments to accelerate progress in the areas of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Business Sustainability.

The process of globalization and India’s strong position as a significant economic and political actor in the new world order, led to the need for change in the Indian CSR agenda as well. This was necessitated since over the last 2 decades corporate India has made giant strides – primarily due to the space and freedom that liberalization provided it from early 1990’s to innovate and use technology. However, this corporate growth led to further alienation and inequity for a large multitude of Indians who were not prepared to ride this wave of opportunity and prosperity.

Government programmes, mainly the welfare ones, which run on tax payer’s money, have always been a matter of grave concern for their lack of delivery and accountability. They continued to make sluggish progress during this period even as India Inc. forged ahead.

This led to much discussion and debate between government, corporates and civil society – how can corporate success be used to energize the flagging government programmes? Is there a way by which corporate India can use its skills of project management, innovation, technology and governance to catalize delivery and impact of government schemes and programmes?

The enactment of the CSR legislation – Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013 was the solution!

This legislation has opened unique avenues for nation – building. It appears to signal the opportunity for a different and groundbreaking form of co-operation between government, business and civil society to promote social objectives. By virtue of CSR funding corporates can now look to supplement and complement government efforts at national development. Their 2% CSR budget is miniscule as compared to the gargantuan government social sector budget, but when spent in a consultative, strategic manner through Implementing Agencies, it can make a significant overall impact on tax payer spends that government makes.

This is Strategic CSR in the Indian context.


And here lies the secret…….how to make this happen?  

Shaktishi, since it is driven by people who are experts of this legislation and its nation-wide rollout, and who have also been driving Implementation Agencies and grant/CSR funding for decades, is ideally placed to provide solutions to all stakeholders – corporates, Implementation Agencies, Academia, advisory firms and most importantly, the government – in India and abroad – to make strategic CSR work. 

We combine our social impact expertise, syndicated data, and deep nonprofit relationships to co-creating models that are scalable, sustainable and globally relevant in order to make this work.

Core Strength

With a focus on Corporate Social Responsibility and a values based approach to business, SHAKTISHI helps businesses, non-profits, academic institutions and government programmes realize a tangible return on their investments in the space of business sustainability and social development.


Our Vision

To be the most preferred end-to-end solution provider in the social development space in India and around the world.


Our Mission

We exist to inform and empower those in a position to make a difference to the world’s most pressing problems by taking a lead role to create transformative change.


Our Team

We have assembled a diverse team with complementary talent. Each engagement team is tailored to meet the unique need of our clients. Each business proposition of SHAKTISHI is focused on meeting client satisfaction – using the best team of highly skilled professionals and utilizing the most appropriate resources.

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