Strategy for Counter-terrorism through peoples’ action

Each day when we wake up today, news of another terror attack strikes us. At times one wonders if there ever will be a solution to this mayhem. Inhumanity of man against man is only getting worse even as the world has shrunk with the revolution that information technology has brought about and it is often felt that this can bring people and cultures together like never before. Unfortunately, the powers of satan seem stronger and more innovative than the powers of the divine to harness this revolution to achieve its ends.

While the world and its leaders grapple with this crisis, Shaktishi and REACHA have been working silently to develop peaceful solutions for counter insurgency, with a focus on peoples’ action. Here we reproduce a nation-wide project that was initiated  in the aftermath of 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai, that focuses on safety audit of neighbourhoods by local communities themselves, and planned action thereof. In this effort, the role of children can also be meaningfully integrated.

This project seems to be more relevant today than ever before. Eventually OUR SAFETY LIES IN OUR HANDS!!

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