Implementation Agency


There are many local, regional and global issues that influence our everyday life: poor ecology, lack of education, threat to security, malnutrition to name a few. On the other hand, there are many enthusiastic and mission-driven organizations that come forward to tackle these problems – often driven by outstanding leaders. Their strong differentiator is the passion & desire to create a better world. However, there are numerous challenges that these organizations face from the very first day:

  • What type of an Implementation Agency to set up – Society, Trust or Section 8 Company
  • How to set up the Implementation Agency? What are the rules and regulations?
  • Registration requirements:
    • With Registering bodies
    • Income Tax
    • Service Tax
    • Home Ministry
    • CAPART
  • Setting up the Registered Office
  • Opening a Bank Account
  • Things to keep track of with regard to all regulations and compliances?
  • How to ensure effective governance mechanisms are in place, with adequate checks and balances
  • How to build on-time reporting system and effective documentation?
  • How to build a working revenue model and improve fundraising abilities?
  • How to develop correct financial and reporting system with funders?
  • How to obtain various tax exemptions to support fund raising?
  • What are the ways to reach financial sustainability?
  • How to develop impactful projects?
  • How to create projects that are scalable and can get funded?
  • What are the strongest areas to build your activities around?
  • How to ensure the current actions will lead to future growth?
  • How to expand the projects to maximize impact?
  • Where to find professionals to hire and how to develop their skills further?
  • Which skills are currently required in the market that can get the target client into future jobs?
  • How to evaluate the efficiency of a project and maximize impact?

Why work with ShaktiShi ?

Define success

We work with our clients to set the foundation to monitor, evaluate & measure their progress to the outcomes they seek to achieve.


We monitor and evaluate our client’s work to help articulate the results in a language that funders, governments and corporations understand.

Evidence – based

We leverage data and program evaluations to determine the most credible metrics to demonstrate impact


With 20+ years of experience, our advisors and consultants have conceived, designed and implemented Implementation Agencies projects on-ground. We therefore provide you practical advice right from the grassroots that has been already been tested and has worked well.
 Our advisors and consultants have been directly involved in the formulation and rollout of Section 135, Companies Act on CSR. For this they have worked within government and with corporates for developing CSR guidelines, rules, policies, governance mechanisms, grant-making & grant cycle management, training programmes, projects & programmes, impact assessment, reporting, stakeholder consultations and action-research based knowledge products. They also work to develop CSR ecosystem enablers like the CSR Exchange and the CSR Index.

We organize advocacies and consultations where we bring together government, industry and development sector professionals from relevant areas for grounded research and analysis of specific issues that your company faces.

Our Partners

How to Begin ?

Our mission is to help you understand & align with the Indian development sector market in your area of operation. Through this we would like to make you impactful and sustainable.

With a diverse consultancy portfolio, we can provide a wide range of services, ranging from a specific project to turn-key assignments.

Start the transformation of your Implementation Agency into a successful implementing agency in 2 simple steps:

Step 1

Tell us more about yourself

  • What is your area of activity and type of services offered?
  • What are the aims and objectives of your organization?
  • Do you have a present sponsor/donor base and what is your funding history?
  • Attach presentation or website of the organization if any
  • Share the case study of a project delivered
  • Any other information from this area that you may like to share
  • Your perceived current and evolving requirement and expectation

Step 2

Needs assessment

We will study your profile and discuss your requirements and expectations further, based on which we shall prepare a Concept Note, where we shall seek to identify the major gaps and way forward options. Based on this and your feedback to the same, we shall develop a detailed proposal that would include a suggested program and an implementation budget, with timelines.

You can choose to work with us either on a project specific or retainer ship model (where you can choose a range of services).

Lets start working together towards achieving your goals!