Whether you are an industry association, a company that follows CSR law or a corporate entity that would like to increase the social impact of its brand, we are here to help you build the right CSR strategy for your business. If you are a foreign company willing to implement your social projects in the Indian market, we can help with advisory, consulting and due diligence as per the Indian law and regulations.

We help develop a distinctive CSR strategy as per the mandate of the CSR Legislation in India, taking into account the business context, the local context and the environment an organization operates in, addressing critical issues while engaging communities for ownership driven sustainable outcomes.

  • CSR Assessment – We assess your existing CSR initiatives to identify areas for improvement and help crystallize your area of focus.
  • Research – We conduct extensive primary and secondary research on your chosen social issues to deepen your knowledge of the issue and identify the best role you can play within the existing ecosystem.
  • CSR Strategy – We provide objective recommendations for a new or revised strategic direction for your company’s CSR activities, which align with your company and its core competencies.
  • Program Identification & Design – We work collaboratively with you to identify or develop innovative, best practice and scalable CSR programs that make an impact.
  • Implementation Agencies Due Diligence – We identify, screen and recommend strategic Implementation Agencies partners for your company to work with when implementing your CSR strategy.

Working closely with our clients we develop action plans that fuse strategy with stakeholder realities. We develop and implement projects integrating the CSR strategy, with time bound targets, performance measures, all the way to measurable impact.

  • SHAKTISHI & REACHA together can implement all aspects of your corporate foundation or CSR strategy – acting as your specialized CSR team.
  • Hand-holding & Capacity Building
  • We can work alongside your existing CSR team to value add and inject our expertise and intellectual property into your CSR initiatives.
  • Creation of Content. As development experts with strong communication skills, we develop content for integration into all your communications, including social media, website, blog, newsletters and other collaterals.
  • CSR Legislation, Companies Act 2013 – Review your mandatory reporting on CSR to ensure it meets the new Companies Act requirements and compliances.
  • CSR Committee & Policy – Ensure that your CSR Committee and CSR Policy comply as per the legislation.
  • Sustainability Reporting – We manage all aspects of Corporate Sustainability Reporting and have capability to meet Global Reporting Index standards. This includes development of powerful content, design and representation of data.

We undertake a detailed review of your CSR or Foundation activity across Programs, Marketing, Governance, Finance, Human Resources and Operations, against best practice benchmarks, and make strategic recommendations for you to make your money go the extra mile.

  • Needs Analysis – We can conduct a baseline study and needs analysis to provide a realistic program framework and baseline to compare your program impact after your intervention.
  • Monitoring & Evaluation – We can develop a system to help you collect data to monitor your philanthropic and CSR initiatives and evaluate your initiatives for efficiency, impact and alignment with your objectives.
  • Reporting – We can work with your partners to devise and implement a timely reporting system and schedule so you are updated on the progress of your CSR programs.

We formulate training programmes acroos all levels and relevant departments to build capacity of organizations to design and implement their own CSR and Business Sustainability programmes, conceptualize projects, enhance capabilities in the areas of understanding the regulatory framework, project management, project design and reporting.

We also develop Capacity Building programmes, focused roundtables, conferences and seminars  to build cross-sector collaborations that unite funders, non-profits, governments, and corporates to achieve their goals


Why work with ShaktiShi ?

Define success

We work with our clients to set the foundation to monitor, evaluate & measure their progress to the outcomes they seek to achieve.


We monitor and evaluate our client’s work to help articulate the results in a language that funders, governments and corporations understand.

Evidence – based

We leverage data and program evaluations to determine the most credible metrics to demonstrate impact


With 20+ years of experience, our advisors and consultants have conceived, designed and implemented Implementation Agencies projects on-ground. We therefore provide you practical advice right from the grassroots that has been already been tested and has worked well.

Our advisors and consultants have been directly involved in the formulation and rollout of Section 135, Companies Act on CSR. For this they have worked within government and with corporates for developing CSR guidelines, rules, policies, governance mechanisms, grant-making & grant cycle management, training programmes, projects & programmes, impact assessment, reporting, stakeholder consultations and action-research based knowledge products. They also work to develop CSR ecosystem enablers like the CSR Exchange and the CSR Index.

We organize advocacies and consultations where we bring together government, industry and development sector professionals from relevant areas for grounded research and analysis of specific issues that your company faces.

Our Partners

How to Begin ?

We provide a full range of CSR consulting services from turn-key assignments to filling a specific CSR need. You can start building your social brand from today with these 2 simple steps

Step 1

Tell us more about yourself

  • Website/presentation about your activity
  • Details about CSR department, CSR team, Department head
  • Link to CSR policy of the company if any
  • CSR report of last year if any
  • Any other information from this area that you may like to share
  • Your perceived current and evolving requirement and expectation

Step 2

Need assessment

We will study your profile and discuss your requirements and expectations further, based on which we shall prepare a Concept Note, where we shall seek to identify the major gaps and way forward options. Based on this and your feedback to the same, we shall develop a detailed proposal that would include a suggested program and an implementation budget, with timelines.

You can choose to work with us either on a project specific or retainer ship model (where you can choose a range of services).

Lets start building the optimal CSR strategy for your business!