With the constant evolution of industry and civil society in the development sector space, academia needs to keep itself abreast with the fast changing times. With the enactment of the CSR legislation in India since April 2014, CSR has been transformed from being a choice to a necessity for many corporate houses that qualify under the Act. This has resulted in a burgeoning demand for CSR professionals.

We are likely to see a further increase in this demand in coming years as corporates ramp up their spending bandwidths. This has provided the academia a wonderful opportunity to develop CSR professionals – both young graduates as well as to add value through executive education to in-service CSR executives in companies and Implementation Agencies.

As CSR spending occurs and reporting happens, data mining and its analysis that feeds research would be another area of much interest to the academia.

We at Shaktishi understand the needs of the academia and offer a wide range of services to help institutions of higher learning make the most of this opportunity:

We help you develop relevant academic content and start a CSR course at your University or embed the CSR credits in already existing programs. CSR programs can be long or short term courses for both campus and distance learning.

As data analysis and research play an important role in any academic institution, we can also help you with documentation, building case studies and assisting MBA/PhD students with CSR guidance and research.

We organize advocacies to debate & discuss specific issues from CSR vertical with participation of industry professionals. This is generally in the form of round tables, conferences, workshops and case studies.

Most Universities and academic institutions undertake profound research work on their campuses, which they also often leverage to consult with and advise industry. This helps in the branding of institutions and also brings additional revenue. With the increased requirements of CSR by the industry, corporates will look upon the academic institutions to guide them through their CSR strategy.  Understanding this need of the academic institutes, we provide the full range of services on how to set up a CSR – CoE:

  • What is required to open a CSR CoE?
  • Advisory and consulting during planning its setting up and operations
  • Hiring and training the team
  • Running of the center
  • Scaling the center activity
  • Etc.

Why work with ShaktiShi ?

Our experts are stalwarts in Learning & Development having co-authored national academic content on CSR. They are also actively engaged in developing gap analysis knowledge products, conducting advocacies and working on data analysis and its utilization to inform CSR policy and rollout.


With 20+ years of experience, our advisors and consultants have conceived, designed and implemented Implementation Agencies projects on-ground. We therefore provide you practical advice right from the grassroots that has been already been tested and has worked well.

Our advisors and consultants have been directly involved in the formulation and rollout of Section 135, Companies Act on CSR. For this they have worked within government and with corporates for developing CSR guidelines, rules, policies, governance mechanisms, grant-making & grant cycle management, training programmes, projects & programmes, impact assessment, reporting, stakeholder consultations and action-research based knowledge products. They also work to develop CSR ecosystem enablers like the CSR Exchange and the CSR Index.

Our wide network of academic partners is available for collaborative research, to roll out joint training programmes – MDP (Management Development Programme) and medium to long term courses, conduct seminars and conferences together etc., in an overall effort to work together for better outcomes.

Our Partners

How to Begin ?

We provide a full range of CSR Learning & Development services from turn-key assignments to filling a specific training need. You can start building your CSR CoE from today with these 2 simple steps

Step 1

Tell us more about you

  • Website/presentation about your institute
  • Details about any CSR or development sector courses underway
  • Details of advocacies, seminars, conferences etc conducted in CSR or allied areas
  • Details of faculty that have teaching-learning expertise in this sector
  • Details of research publications / papers that may have been brought out / published
  • Any development sector / CSR related PHd programme underway
  • Any other information from this area that you may like to share
  • Your perceived current and evolving requirement and expectation

Step 2

Needs assessment

We will study your profile and discuss your requirements and expectations further, based on which we shall prepare a Concept Note, where we shall seek to identify the major gaps and way forward options. Based on this and your feedback to the same, we shall develop a detailed proposal that would include a suggested program and an implementation budget, with timelines.

You can choose to work with us either on a project specific or retainer ship model (where you can choose a range of services).

Lets start building the optimal CSR strategy for your Institution!