Who We Are

Shaktishi is a mission driven development sector consulting and advisory firm. It provides thought leadership and customized solutions for bringing about lasting and need based social change. It is a one- stop shop solutions provider for foundations, businesses, non-profits, academia, advisory & consulting firms and governments to accelerate progress in the areas of CSR and Business Sustainability.

It is led by experts with more than two decades of experience in implementation, grant management, strategy & policy formulation. The leadership also drove Learning & Development (L&D) Vertical at NFCSR (National Foundation for CSR) at IICA (Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, GoI) from 2012 to 2017. The L&D Vertical played a pivotal role in development and nation-wide deployment of the CSR Law – Rules, Strategy, Policy, and Implementation of Section 135, Companies Act 2013.

Shaktishi products and services include advocacy, training, advisory/consulting, implementation, accounting, audit, taxation and reporting of development projects.

Our Values


We believe in raising the bar, meeting expectations and setting high delivery standards every day.


Your success and fulfillment is our priority, thus we give maximum importance to work ethics.


We work with and contribute to community development and sustained social impact.


We value everyone’s contribution and cooperate with others to achieve common goals.

What We Do

Our vast and diverse expertise garnered over 2 decades makes us balanced enthusiasts with grounded experience. We work shoulder to shoulder with our clients to develop and evaluate strategies that align social impact with economic success. All this while we consult beneficiaries that include local populations that are directly affected. Capable representatives from these often work with us as part of our teams to deliver bottoms-up solutions.

We also engage in stakeholder consultations through roundtables, seminars, conferences, workshops and capacity building sessions so that there emerges a larger consensus towards the actions and solutions that we are proposing and delivering.

Eventually, we document processes and outcomes of these solutions to inform policy at corporate and government level so that positive socio-economic change scales up systemically and also sustains over time and space.

A key component of our work is to also document, analyse and rectify gaps in our work that is identified through a threadbare analysis of beneficiary and partner feedback. Thus, life-long learning reinforces our forward progression on an on-going basis.


Our Expertise

The rigor of working in the social development sector for many years has honed our skills to understand how to bridge the gap between purpose and profit. This means we understand how social change works. We are people who don’t just do their jobs – rather, each day, in our everyday life we live as an expression of our own self.

Innovative – economical,  ecological, equitable and efficient (4E’s)-  solutions to all stakeholders

Managing projects across multiple locations

Setting up implementing management systems and evaluation processes

Executing successful Public Private Partnerships

ShaktiShi Impact

The impact of our work is felt at different levels – field, implementation agency, corporate and government. This is so since people who drive Shaktishi have been in the forefront of implementation, grant-making and policy formulation through the decade of the 1990s till date.This allows Shaktishi to define impact differently for each segment of our clientele.

At the grassroots, for example, this translates into an age-grade appropriate learning outcome in primary education. At the Implementation Agency level this would imply design and delivery of content and transaction pedagogy for appropriate teacher training that leads to this grassroots impact. At the corporate and government level, this would mean formulation of a CSR or Education Policy that lays emphasis on support to the current need of learning outcomes in primary education and not just mainstreaming, which means enrolling children into formal schools.

Shaktishi impact is thus from real, to be felt change, to policy intervention that drives this change.The required measure of this change is arrived at in consultation with beneficiaries, Implementation Agencies and donors, so that outcomes – both qualitative and quantitative – are best defined upfront before a project starts, and impact is then measured against set expectations.



The need of the beneficiary lies at the very heart of our definition for development



Growth is measured in a consultative, participatory manner, keeping people at the center of this progression



Projects and programmes have our unique definition of impact for upliftment embedded in the outcome.



The good of all, the law of the harvest – reap what you sow – helps us connect deep down for the welfare of our citizenry

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